Posi 3 USB 
Posi 3 USB 
The PosiChek family of SCBA test equipment has been the industry standard for thousands of fire departments, refineries, chemical plants and nuclear power stations worldwide since it was first introduced in 1988. The new Posi 3 USB incorporates a number of hardware and software improvements suggested by our customers to keep pace with increasingly rigorous testing criteria.
NFPA 1852 mandates that all compliant SCBA be tested on a calibrated breathing machine before being put into service, and at least once per year thereafter. Posi 3 USB meets the same stringent NFPA standards as PosiChek3.
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Posi 3 USB Performs Full Readiness Testing

  • Facepiece leak check
  • Exhalation check valve opening pressure
  • Static facepiece pressure
  • Bypass flow rate
  • Pressure gauge accuracy
  • Low pressure alarm activation
  • First stage regulator performance
  • Breathing resistance at standard (40 LPM)
  • Breathing resistance at maximum (100 LPM)

Minimum PC System Requirements

  • Windows XP or Vista 32 (Please call to find out which versions are currently available for 64-bit.)
  • Pentium 4 processor 2.0 GHz or higher
  • 512 MB Ram
  • 50 Mb of available space on hard drive
  • USB 2.0 port and CD-ROM Drive
Optional Accessories
  • Annual Service and Calibration includes return shipping anywhere in the U.S.
  • Pressure Reducing Regulator and Valve Assembly
Public Documents
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12 Jun 12 Posi3 USB Brochure 234 kb
26 Feb 14 2014 Posi3 USB and PosiChek 3 Product Guide Product Overview 891 kb
27 Feb 14 Calibration Software License Request Form Datasheet 164 kb
27 Feb 14 Calibration and Upgrade Locations Datasheet 190 kb
27 Feb 14 Service Centers Datasheet 197 kb

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25 Aug 12 Posi3 USB Setup Guide Manual / Supplement 1,482 kb
29 May 13 PosiChek3 USB Setup Guide Manual / Supplement 1,498 kb
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