Manning AirScan™ iR 

Diffusion design sensor that allows all points of detection to be monitored continuously.

The Manning AirScan™ iR sensor responds to refrigerants over the range of 0-3000 ppm and features SensorCheck™ technology that continually monitors sensor performance.

The Manning AirScan™ iR infrared sensor is an affordable microprocessor-based sensor that is selective to refrigerants and, because of its stabilised design platform, will provide years of service and will maintain the highest level of accuracy and reliability. This highly versatile sensor features SensorCheck™, a unique technology that continuously monitors sensor performance that enables it to provide worry-free performance  throughout the life of the sensor.

A true “diffusion” design sensor, the Manning AirScan™ iR sensor does not require either pumps or filters and allows all points of detection to be monitored perpetually, unlike sample draw systems. The versatile sensor is housed in a high mass metal bench structure that enables thermal stability and freedom from vibration.

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•  Banana and Produce Rooms

•  Beverage Plants

•  Chemical Plants

•  Confined Space Entry

•  Food Processing

•  Gas Bottling Plants

•  Ice Rinks

•  Product Coolers

•  Rack Houses

•  Refrigeration Systems

•  Supermarkets

•  Wineries


Refrigerant Specific

•  Rapid response to refrigerants including R-404a, R-22,

   R-507 or R-134a

•  Internal monitoring of 4/20 mA loop circuitry



Diffusion-Design Sensor

•  Has no moving parts and doesn’t require pumps or


•  All points of detection can be monitored continuously

   at an affordable cost



•  Can be used with any Honeywell Analytics readout

•  Standard range of 0-3,000 ppm, can be rescaled for

   lower trip points

•  Provides a linear output of 4/20 mA as a function of

   refrigerant concentration

•  Simple, real-time calibration eliminates maintenance


•  Automatically adapts to fluctuating temperatures


Long-Lasting Performance

•  Unique internal reference channel compensates

   for dust particles, source degradation, humidity

   and temperature fluctuation, food odours, chemical

   cleaners, etc.


ATMOS™ Technology

•  Allows for operation down to -60°F and in condensing

   humidity environments or during washdown

•  Automatically adapts to its environment and provides

   accurate and reliable performance under the harshest



SensorCheck™ Technology

•  Checks operating parameters of sensors and sends a

   notification output signal if an anomaly is identified

•  Tests the sensor every 24 hours for electrical viability

•  Indication can be detected by a Manning gas monitor

   or PLC



•  High-mass metal bench provides structural and

   thermal stability and greater immunity to vibration

•  Superior EMI/RFI shielding

No Accessories available.
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20 Aug 13 IRF9 Wiring Details Wiring Diagram 471 kb
01 Apr 13 Fixed-Point Industrial Fire and Gas Detection Brochure 1,194 kb

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