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MeshGuard Stainless Steel

MeshGuard Stainless Steel is a networkable wireless gas monitoring solution designed for quick deployment in areas where low cost/high ROI solutions are required. MeshGuard is available with field-replaceable precision sensors specifically designed to sense toxic and flammable gases.
  • Self-forming wireless network; units come online automatically
  • IP-65 rated weather resistant, and splash guard equipped for sensor protection
  • RF Frequency: 2.4GHz ISM Band, IEEE 802.15.4 standard compliant
  • Operating Range: 300 meters / 985 feet (line of sight)
  • Power Supply:  Disposable Lithium Battery, +3.6V (optional rechargeable external battery for extended run time)
  • IP Rating IP-65
  • Operating Temperature:  -40° C to +50° C (-40° F to 122° F) for LEL, CO and H2S sensors
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Product Overview

MeshGuard is the leading gas detection system that is rapidly deployable in numerous industrial and remote monitoring applications. MeshGuard not only saves lives, but tens of thousands of dollars in regulation compliance and information processing. MeshGuard is fully supported by the ProRAE Guardian software platform.

MeshGuard combines the most advanced gas detection technology for industrial safety applications with the latest in connected data systems. Because the system includes powerful wireless sensors that can be deployed rapidly in any environment, MeshGuard eliminates the need for lengthy and costly installation projects. By detecting and recording a wide range of deadly gases and quickly relaying the data to an easy-to-understand central system, safety personnel have up-to-date information from throughout the network of sensors at a finger’s touch.


MeshGuard EchoView

EchoView, 2.4 GHz

MeshGuard Mesh Router

Mesh Router, 2.4 GHz

MeshGuard Stainless Steel Power Pak

Stainless Steel PowerPak (4 cell) - no charger

SolarPak Kit with LEL detector and PowerPak

SolarPak Kit with LEL detector and PowerPak - EU (Includes LEL detector in Stainless Steel housing, PowerPak, Mounting plate, SolarPak, Pole/Wall mount, AC charger, all in a single Pelican case)

MeshGuard Truck Mount Alarm Bar


Safe area truck mount wireless visual and audio alarm system for use with Meshguard family.

MeshGuard AC Wireless Alarm Bar

Wireless visual and audio alarm system for use with Meshguard family

MeshGuard Wired Alarm Bar

Alarm Bar with 4 visible and one audio alarm (for use with FMC 2000 controller)


Gas detection technology can be complicated, and we always get questions about our products and services.

Here is a list of some of the more common questions.
我們並不在我們的網站上直接出售產品,但我們樂意提供有關您氣體偵測需求的協助。  在每個產品頁面的右側,您會看到一個紅色的「如何購買」按鈕。按一下此按鈕後,會出現一個表格,在填寫完畢並提交之後會直接送到我們的銷售代表手中。

您也可以直接打電話給我們的銷售代表。   按一下這裡前往「聯絡我們」頁面。
您可以從兩個地方取得技術文件。  第一,您可以造訪網站中「支援」部分的技術資產庫 。  在這裡,您可以取得我們所有目前與停產停售產品的文件及影片完整目錄。 
是的。  請查閱我們 HA 大學的訓練部分,瀏覽提供的計畫並報名參加任何您感興趣的項目。  這些提供豐富知識的課程是由我們的專業工程師所指導。  如果您對有關您個人或員工訓練機會有任何問題,並想與 Honeywell 代表接洽,請按一下這裡。

請查閱「聯絡我們」部分的產品洽詢頁面。  您會在這裡找到我們每個產品系列的銷售聯絡人,可以協助您從技術規格到訂購資訊的任何問題。

請查閱「聯絡我們」部分的服務與維修頁面。  您會在這裡找到當地服務中心的聯絡資訊。


  • 按一下主導覽中的產品連結,透過產品系列搜尋。
  • 點一下頁面上方主導覽列的連結,尋找特定產業或應用範圍的產品。
  • 如果您在尋找偵測特定氣體類型的產品,請使用我們的氣體搜尋器。
  • 如果您仍然無法找到所要的產品,請在頁面上方的搜尋列中輸入產品名稱。

因為我們並不直接出售產品,所以無法在網站上提供特定價格。  請透過產品頁面上的「如何購買」按鈕或致電聯絡銷售代表,他們會透過您當地的經銷商取得價格。

按一下頁面最頂端的紅色列中,「語言」旁邊向下指的箭頭即可。  您可以從出現的下拉式清單選擇任何語言。

我們的技術資產庫中收藏了目前及停產停售產品的所有文件。  請選擇左側欄中的「停產停售產品」篩選器,來尋找您產品的文件。  如果您仍然無法找到需要的資訊,請造訪網站的聯絡我們部分,我們的服務代表很樂於協助您。

BW Technologies 是 Honeywell Analytics 家族成員之一,所以為了提供客戶完整的氣體偵測解決方案,我們合併了 gasmonitors.com 和 honeywellanalytics.com 網站。  我們希望透過將所有的品牌及產品集中在一個網站,讓您可以更輕鬆地為您的氣體偵測需求找到適合的解決方案。

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