ACM 150 FTIR Analyzer - Part Number Changes for ACM150 Accessory Item


The ACM 150 FTIR Analyzer accessory item “Kit, Line Leak, 3/8T Check Valve” (PN 76-165-14594-00-A) was replaced by the PN 76-165-14594-00-1. "10-point Sample Manifold includes Dust Filter” (PN 76-150-14393-04-B) was replaced by the PN 76-150-14393-04-1. There is no change in product and performance.

With immediate effect, the part number of these items have changed. The following table gives the new part number.

After Description
76-165-14594-00-1      Kit,Line Leak,3/8T Check Valve
76-150-14393-04-1 10-point Sample Manifold includes Dust Filter. Up to 3 max
may be added to base unit - 40 points total

For more information about the ACM 150, please contact your local sales representative or visit the Honeywell Analytics website:
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