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Honeywell BW™ Ultra

The Honeywell BW™ Ultra is a five-gas detector from Honeywell that is designed specifically for sampling and monitoring confined spaces, before and after entry. It benefits from unmatched sensor technology, visibility on gas readings, comfort, and connectivity – even in most extreme working conditions. The Honeywell BW™ Ultra simultaneously detects the four gases you’re required to monitor in confined spaces. Plus there is a fifth sensor for the gas of your choice. This way you can add a fifth level of protection for your confined-space entries.
Fonctions et avantages
  • Large, easy-to-view screen
  • Enhanced situational awareness for the hole watch
  • The new 1-Series sensor for enhanced reliability
  • Honeywell TouchConnect™ Technology for quick instrument management
  • Remote monitoring for an additional layer of protection.
Résumé des caractéristiques
  • High standards of sensor quality and reliability
  • Repeatable performance without nuisance alarms – even in most extreme conditions
  • Expected life time for sensors: up to five years.
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Présentation générale

The Honeywell BW™ Ultra is a portable five-gas detector designed specifically for sampling and monitoring confined spaces. It is the first gas detector on the market to feature the 1-Series sensor, with fast response, reliable performance, and long life even in most extreme environments. That means high accuracy and lower costs.

Unlike gas detectors that you wear, the Honeywell BW™ Ultra is a detector that you hold as you sample the air in a confined space. That’s why we designed the Honeywell BW™ Ultra to fit the shape of your hand – with a comfortable weight and a slimmer profile than other five-gas detectors – to minimize fatigue and enhance productivity. 

Plus it has the one-button operation and easy experience you’ve come to expect from Honeywell detectors. And if you do need to wear the Honeywell BW™ Ultra as you navigate a tight space, the detector moves with you – with an internal pump and no snag points.

The  Honeywell BW™ Ultra fully complies with all safety regulations in place by detecting the five gases for added protection at work. So whether you have operations in oil and gas, pulp and paper, water treatment, shipping industry, chemical plants, or other industries, you can add the maximum level of protection for your confined space entries.

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Téléchargez le dernier firmware, les derniers pilotes et les derniers progiciels

BW™ Ultra 01.018

Avec le dernier firmware installé sur votre instrument, vous êtes assuré de profiter du plus haut niveau de protection ainsi que des dernières fonctionnalités et fonctions, qui vous permettront d'améliorer votre productivité à des niveaux inégalés.

Fleet Manager ll v4.5.60 et IR Link Driver

Le stockage et l'analyse de données n'ont jamais été aussi simples.  Reprenant l'environnement de Fleet Manager, Fleet Manager II permet aux utilisateurs de télécharger des informations directement à partir des appareils BW Technologies by Honeywell ou du système IntelliDox. Grâce à ces améliorations, les utilisateurs peuvent :

  • créer automatiquement des rapports précis et conviviaux ;
  • trier, mettre en forme et représenter facilement des données, ainsi qu'en consulter l'historique ;
  • archiver et partager facilement des données, y compris des bases de données ;
  • télécharger et gérer les enregistrements d'étalonnage et de test fonctionnel, ainsi que les informations de l'enregistreur de données, sur n'importe quel ordinateur.

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