M-600400 Power Supply


Effective immediately, the M-600400 power supply will be fulfilled as a kit that includes:

  • Green NEMA enclosure (same as current), with mounting plate
  • HLG-240H-24 Power Supply (NEW)
  • Screws to install Power Supply within the enclosure
  • Instructions to install the power supply within the enclosure

To install the power supply, user will mount power supply within the enclosure.

Enclosure mounting, connections and closures (including wire nuts or equivalent) should be by a qualified electrician in accordance with local codes.

Power supply with pigtails HLG-240H-24

Power supply installed within enclosure box

New Power Supply Features:

- Improved ratings and performance including:

  • IP 67 , for operation in dry, wet, damp or outdoor environment
  • Power rating of 240 W (previously 156 W)
  • More efficient, lower temperature performance
  • 7 year manufacturer warranty

For more information, please contact your local sales representative.

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