Touchpoint Pro is the only control system to give you total visibility of your plant’s gas status — even when you’re away from the controller.

With a web server interface, you can monitor your system even when you’re away from the site. With this capability, multiple managers — using multiple devices — can track the safety of your site at all times.

Want to check your plant’s gas detection while you’re away from the office? Check an alarm after hours? Look in on an unmanned area?

Touchpoint Pro’s web server gives you the ability to monitor 24/7 for constant safety.

Touchpoint Pro is the only control system in its class to offer a web server interface, which means you can monitor gas status, data, event history and more when you’re away from the touch-screen panel — and even when you’re away from the plant. Simply connect the Touchpoint Pro to a network and use an internet-connected device to access the system via the web.

Thanks to the Touchpoint Pro web server, all you need for system testing is one person and a mobile device. Your technician can simply inspect each detector and use a web-connected device to view the control interface — with no need for a second person at the controller. That means easier, faster maintenance that reduces labour hours and streamlines manpower.