GasAlertMicroClip XL and GasAlertMax XT II 1ppm H2S TWA

We are excited to announce that the 1ppm H2S TWA alarm threshold has been released in the GasAlertMicroClip XL and the GasAlertMax XT II. They now join the GasAlertQuattro as products with this feature available. Please read below for more information.

1ppm H2S TWA
Effective March 05, 2015 the GasAlertMicroClip XL and GasAlertMax XT II can be set-up to detect H2S at 1ppm for the TWA alarm.
To enable this feature the customer will need to take the following action:

  1.  Update your detectors firmware to the latest versions.
    1.  GasAlertMicroClip XL Version 40H – Click here to download
    2.  GasAlertMax XT II Version 11 – Click here to download

All GasAlertMicroClip XL and GasAlertMax XT II products shipped after March 6, 2015 will be loaded with the above firmware.

To help you understand and educate others on this feature, please refer to white paper “Critical Considerations for Monitoring Low Levels of Hydrogen Sulfide”.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact your Regional Sales Manager.