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BW Technologies and RAE Systems are an important part of the Honeywell Analytics family

Tunnels and Parking GaragesWhen you strive to offer the most comprehensive, most proven gas detection solutions in the world, you want the top products in the industry to be part of your portfolio. BW Technologies and RAE Systems are exactly that—they are the best at what they do.

Our BW Technologies family of portable gas detection products utilizes the latest in sensor technology and are designed based on extensive worker feedback. These compact, low-maintenance, single- and multi-gas detectors alert workers to hazards, protecting them from toxic gases, combustibles and oxygen deficiency. The devices are like devoted companions, constantly sniffing out danger.

The newest addition to Honeywell Analytics is RAE Systems, the leading global provider of rapidly deployable, connected, and intelligent gas detection systems. These wireless solutions enable real-time detection of safety and security threats. It’s the future of gas detection and we’re ready to lead the way.    

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