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Honeywell Sotera™ - Express

Honeywell Sotera™ – Express software enables quick and precise management of your Honeywell portable gas detectors and docking stations - RAE and BW together for the first time. The state-of-the-art technology simplifies reporting and streamlines administration tasks whilst its highly intuitive and user-friendly interface enables you to pull data in an intelligent, effective, and time-saving way. So you can increase your productivity – free of charge. Check the “Software” tab to download the software.
Features & Benefits
  • Simple and intuitive user interface minimises training
  • Enhanced information extraction enables increased productivity 
  • Easier device configuration using logical data groups and templates
  • Intelligent incident investigation through centralised event reporting
  • Managed access control for increased data security
Quick Specs
  • Compatible with both Honeywell BW Technologies and RAE Systems products. See the product overview section below for current product compatibility.  
  • Works in non-internet connected workplace so software can be accessed at any time and data privacy concerns are minimised 
  • Reduced maintenance through streamlined Firmware Management 
  • Save time with one click data download for all instrument data
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Product Overview

It’s about time someone helped you to get organised by offering you a working solution to do it. If you are responsible for gas detector compliance management, you already know that collecting, analysing, and reporting such information can be extremely time-consuming.

The Honeywell Sotera™ – Express enables you to manage your fleet of Honeywell portable gas detectors and docks with ease. It reduces the burden of administration and simplifies compliance so you can concentrate on keeping people safe.

Its highly intuitive and user-friendly interface enables you to pull all the necessary data in an intelligent, effective, and time-saving way. Its state-of-the-art technology ensures that all the data is encrypted, minimising privacy threats.

Honeywell Sotera™ - Express (English) is available to download from the software tab on the right.

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Honeywell Sotera™– Express is offered free of charge to all Honeywell customers who purchase Honeywell Gas instruments.
  • CPU, 1.0 GHz or higher 
  • Color monitor (1366x768 or higher resolution or higher, 16-bit color) 
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 4 GB of free hard disk space 
  • USB port for instrument/dock connection 
  • LAN connection for network-connected docks
  • Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 (32 bit/ 64 bit) or Microsoft Windows 10 (64 bit)
  • .Net Framework v4.6.1 or above

Yes, Honeywell Sotera™ – Express has been designed to support both BW and RAE Systems instruments.

Honeywell Sotera™ - Express currently supports instrument connectivity through IntelliDoX, MicroDock ll and AutoRAE 2 for BW & RAE Systems instruments.

For IntelliDoX, data transfer using the USB data download will be provided in future releases. Direct instrument connectivity without the docking station will also be provided in the future releases, as well.

Following is a list of currently supported instruments. Additional instrument support will be added in future releases. 
  • IntelliDoX & MicroDock ll
    • BW Clip & BW Clip RT 
    • GasAlertMicroClip 
  • AutoRAE 2 
    • ToxiRAE Pro Family 
    • QRAE 3 
    • MultiRAE Family (Diffusion, Benzene, MX, Wing Tank model support in future releases) 
    • MicroRAE

The default username is administrator.  You are required to create a password for the administrator account when you log into the application for the first time.

No, Honeywell Sotera™ - Express does not require administrative privileges to the operating system.

Honeywell Sotera™ – Express has streamlined the tasks performed by Fleet Manager and greatly improves the overall user experience. However, it does not support user-defined fields and custom reporting features of Fleet Manager.

Honeywell Sotera™ - Express only supports the English language. Support for additional languages will be added in future releases.

For BW instruments connected through IntelliDoX or MicroDock ll, the instrument data should be downloaded for the instruments to show up in the Device Inventory. Make sure the filter option “Not Connected” is selected to view the instruments in the Device Inventory List for which data has been downloaded.

For RAE Systems instruments connected through the AutoRAE 2, the software should be able to communicate to the AutoRAE 2 for the instruments to show up in the Device Inventory list.

In addition, to view the RAE Systems instruments in the inventory after the AutoRAE 2 Docking Station is disconnected from the software, instrument data should be downloaded from the AutoRAE 2.

The filter option “Not Connected” should be selected to view RAE Systems instruments in the Device Inventory List for which data has been downloaded but are currently not connected to the software using AutoRAE 2.

IntelliDoX can connect to the software over the network. MicroDock ll can connect to the software using direct USB connection. AutoRAE 2 can connect to the software either over the network or using direct USB connection.

First, make sure the software is set up to scan for the RAE Systems and/or BW docking stations by checking the appropriate box for “Allow Dock Discovery” under system Settings.

If the docking station is in a network path different than the software, the software may not be able to see the docking station.

In order for the software to see the Docking Station, add the Docking Station manually to the software using “Add AutoRAE Controller for manual detection” for AutoRAE 2 and “Add IntelliDoX for manual detection” for IntelliDoX under the system Settings menu option using the IP Address of the Docking Station

The software periodically scans the USB ports and network to check the online status of the docking station/instruments. However, the online status of the docking station might not be reflected right away in the software. If you are unable to see the docking station status online, you can click the Refresh button in the Device Inventory view to see the online status of the docking station.

Honeywell Sotera™ – Express uses digitally signed packages to update the device firmware as a security mechanism to verify the integrity of firmware update packages. As a result, it cannot use the same packages used by ProRAE Studio II and Fleet Manager II. Firmware packages designated for Honeywell Sotera™ – Express should only be used to update device firmware through Honeywell Sotera™ – Express.

The software downloads all the historical data stored in the docking station. When the data is downloaded for the first time, it can take a while depending on the amount of data stored in the docking station.
The software utilizes a smart download manager to incrementally download the data in order to optimize the download time. The software compares the existing downloaded data against the latest logged data and downloads only the incremental data since the last download.
In order to perform the Dock/ Device Configuration, the Dock/ Device needs to be connected to the computer and appear online to the software.
Currently, you can only perform one device action at a time. You must wait for the current operation to complete before performing another action. As a result, if you are performing a data download, you must wait for the data download to complete before performing a device configuration.
These operations will be supported in the near future when support for directly connected instruments is provided by the software because these operations are currently not supported through AutoRAE 2.
For both IntelliDoX and AutoRAE 2, the network parameters can be managed using the configuration options available on individual docking stations. Network configuration parameters cannot be updated using the software.
Honeywell Sotera™ - Express has a streamlined user interface to make it easier to manage configuration parameters. As a result, a common Updatable option is provided for all of the configuration parameters, including the sensor settings under the Settings tab.
You can navigate to the AutoRAE 2 details and edit the gas inlet configuration details for the attached gas cylinder in order to update the Lot Number of the gas cylinder.
Yes, you can update the Sensor Serial No. after installing a new sensor for the instruments that support this option under the Sensors tab for the corresponding instruments if they are currently online and connected to the software.

Device History provides a comprehensive view of all the data related to the lifecycle of the selected instrument. This includes test data for calibration and bump tests. This also includes the instrument event data along with the corresponding data logs.

All information related to device data logs, event logs and test logs is shown in the Device History, with the exception of IntelliDoX and MicroDock ll data logs and BW instrument test logs for bump and calibration operations performed outside of the IntelliDoX & MicroDock ll.

Make sure that you have downloaded the data from the docking station corresponding to the selected instrument before viewing the Device History. Once the data has been downloaded, you can view the history for the selected device.

Yes, you can export the instrument data log in csv (comma-separated value) format, which can be opened in Microsoft Excel for further analysis.

Due to compliance reasons, we do not allow data logs to be deleted once they have been downloaded to the software.

You can assign one or more of the following roles to a user:

Administrator – A user with the administrator role has access to all the features and functionality within the system.

Advanced User – A user with the advanced role can perform all the device operations. However, the user does not have access to user management.

Standard User – A user with the standard role can perform all device operations except device configuration and firmware update.

Worker – A user with the worker role has no access to the software. However, the user can be assigned/unassigned instruments.

You can assign a user the “Worker” role if you want to just assign instruments to the user.
You can reset your password by clicking the “Forgot Password” link on the Login Screen. Once you answer the security questions, you will be allowed to reset the password.

You can invoke the “Unlock Sotera Administrator Account” utility that is installed with the software to unlock the default administrator account.

For security purposes, you will be prompted to provide the Windows administrator User ID and password before you can unlock the Honeywell SoteraTM – Express administrator account.

If you want to temporarily suspend user access to the system, you can do that by deactivating the user account.

Download the latest software and firmware packages

Honeywell Sotera™ - Express

Enables quick and precise management of your Honeywell portable gas detectors and docking stations.

Honeywell Sotera™ – Express is available to download free of charge. Simply complete the form to download the software.

Hardware Requirements
CPU, 1.0 GHz or better.
Color monitor (at least 1366x768 resolution, 16-bit color).
At least 4GB of free hard disk space.*
USB port for instrument/dock station connection.
LAN connection for network-connected dock stations.
Optional Internet connection (to access Product Registration Module).

Software Requirements
Operation Systems
Windows 7 32-bit SP1; Windows 7 64-bit SP1; Windows 10 64-bit.
Net Framework V4.6.1or above (can be installed with Honeywell Sotera™ - Express installation).

* Software installation only. Honeywell Sotera™ - Express may require significantly larger amounts of disk space to store device data and other software data.

Estimated release dates:
Translated language versions Q2, 2018
Additional instrument support Q2, Q3 and Q4, 2018