We have issued a safety advisory for the monitors listed above and are notifying all purchasers of the issue and of the proper steps to take to avoid a problem. We have learned that fresh-air calibration of an oxygen (O2) sensor that has failed in the above mentioned monitors could result in a false reading, caused by a firmware anomaly. This means the monitors could fail to indicate the actual level of O2 and fail to sound the alarm if the levels are outside the acceptable range.

The unit can be operated safely by taking the following precautionary measures:

  • Perform a bump test on a portable monitor before use every day. For the Meshguard EC the monitor should be bump tested or calibrated regularly and after an O2 alarm.

  • Do not ONLY rely on fresh air calibration. Every time the monitor is turned on blow for few seconds on the sensor inlet and confirm that O2 readings drop and generate a low alarm.

  • Calibrate the monitor (fresh air and span) immediately if the O2 sensor fails the bump test or does not respond as expected. If calibration fails, the sensor should be replaced.

Honeywell will provide a firmware upgrade to address this issue in the near term, and will notify you of more details shortly. We will notify you when it is available and provide instructions on where it can be downloaded.

Honeywell representatives are available to help. Please contact Honeywell Industrial Safety Customer Service (details below) if you have any questions or require technical assistance.

Australia/New Zealand +61 3 94642770
Brazil +55 11 3309 1030
Canada+1 800 663 4164
China +86 21 5855 7305
Europe+41 44 943 4380
India +91 124 4752700
Japan +81 3 6730 7320
Korea+82 2 69090300
Latin America (Spanish)+57 1 64 0401 3
Middle East +971 4 4505800
Russia/CIS +7 495 796 9800
Singapore+65 65803572
Taiwan+886 3 5169284
USA+1 888 749 8878
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