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Flame Detection

Detect that ignition and enable that life and property saving response.

A diverse variety of applications and processes increasingly involve the storage, use and manufacture of flammable substances. Inevitably, occasional escapes of such substances occur, whether gaseous or liquid, which creates a potential hazard to the industrial plants, their employees and the local environment. Many other substances are less flammable but will nevertheless support combustion once it has started.

Worldwide incidents, involving the destructive nature of fires creating loss of life, damage to property and the environment, are a constant reminder of this problem.

In most industries, one of the key aspects of any safety plan for reducing risks to personnel and plant is the use of early warning devices such as gas and flame detectors. These can help to provide more time in which to take remedial or protective action. They can also be used as part of a total integrated monitoring and safety system which may include various other safety aspects as part of a mitigation action and emergency process shutdown.

The Honeywell Analytics Flame Detection Wizard is an Application based tool to guide in the selection of the best Flame Detector for your application. A series of questions, each with guides, will lead you through the definition of your needs, identifying the best Flame Detector to deploy. Then select that detector below for further details. Contact your Honeywell Analytics local representative for any additional information.
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