The new generation of the SQN8x series combines long proven sensing capability with state-of-the-art pumping technology and constant, high accuracy to yield a highly reliable sample draw gas detection system.

The SQN8x offers accurate monitoring of the presence of a wide variety of refrigerants or other toxic and explosive gases in a surveillance area of up to 8 different zones. A low maintenance diaphragm pump draws ambient air to the sensor from a maximum distance of 1000 feet. A high performance sequencer synchronises the mechanics and the electronics so that the levels of detectable gases are properly registered for each of the 8 zones. The unit is fully operational from the box, making for simple, hassle-free installation. The new generation of SQN8x provides an excellent, cost-effective, centralised gas detection solution.

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Safety Measures
•  3 alarm relays
•  Audible alarm
•  Early low level warning alarm
•  Integrated flow loss surveillance


•  Wide area of coverage
•  2, 4 or 8 sample points
•  Proven sensing technology
•  Up to 2 gases

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Public Documents
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20 Aug 13 SQN8X Bilingual Manual Manual / Supplement 1,014 kb
29 Oct 09 Gas Book Americas Gas Book 5,365 kb
08 Feb 11 SQN8x brochure 318 kb
08 Feb 11 SQN8x spec sheet Datasheet 162 kb
22 Feb 11 Mechanical Equipment Rooms brochure 2,056 kb
20 Aug 13 SQN8x Wiring Details Wiring Diagram 601 kb
01 Nov 12 SQ8Nx Submittal Datasheet 285 kb
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