Parking garage CO (Carbon Monoxide) monitoring system. Wireless gas detection network, low installation cost.

The Vulcain 301W wireless gas transmitter is designed to detect Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) in parking structures or Oxygen (O2) in other applications. The 301W operates for 2 years without calibration, maintenance or battery replacement. The Vulcain 301W gas transmitter exchanges data with the 301C controller over a wireless mesh network via a secured 128 bit encrypted communication protocol. In contrast to traditional networks, this system offers greater flexibility and operational reliability together with significant installation and operational savings. Without the need of monitor hardwiring, installation costs are drastically reduced - simply wall mount the Vulcain 301W  transmitter, turn it on and it is ready for operation. Unlike point-to-point or point-to-multipoint communication, if the communication path fails the system automatically finds an alternative route. This enables continuous contact, even in harsh environments. The inherent network integrity combined with zoning capabilities and electrochemical sensor accuracy minimises false alarms and ultimately trims operational costs.

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User Friendly
•  Self-contained, wall mounted enclosure
•  Simple push button operation


Easy and Inexpensive to Install
•  Simply wall mount (no hardwiring required)
•  Turn it on and the Vulcain 301W auto configures to the controller and is fully
•  Unobtrusive slimline profile
•  No mounting bracket required


Few Requirements - Simple Operation
•  No calibration required for two years
•  No monitor hardwiring required
•  No battery replacement require for two years
•  After two years, simply replace the easily removed sensor/battery pack


Input/Output Adaptability
•  Allows for up to 50 remote transmitters in the sytem


Safety Measures
•  Virtually no false alarms - accurate and reliable
•  Route redundancy, so if one link fails, communication is automatically
   re-established through another monitor
•  Avoids interference with Bluetooth, WIFI and other wireless systems
•  Secured 128 bit encrypted wireless mesh network
•  Periodic ‘heartbeat’ signal ensures all transmitters are continuously active


Beneficial Controller Options
•  Datalogging option available
•  Optional BACnet/IP Output

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