Impulse XT Disposable Single Gas Detector 

Simple operation, 2 year, no calibration single gas detector.

Impulse XT was inspired by customer needs and technically crafted to be quite simply the easiest and most cost effective to use personal single gas unit on the market. Utilising patented Surecell™ and Reflex™
technology, the Impulse XT provides 24/7 user confidence. That means solid, reliable and continuous protection... always.

Through our Customer Partner Programme,
Honeywell Analytics identified that the market demanded more than tiny good looks. Our valued partners said that in addition to a small and rugged design, single gas monitors must offer comprehensive sensor options, simple operation and most importantly reliable, accurate readings – without false alarms triggered by common radio interference.

Simple one button operation reduces time consuming and costly training. Our unique Temperature Compensation and Cell Output Decay Compensation features ensure improved accuracy across wide temperature ranges, providing our 2 year, no calibration needed facility.

Impulse XT is your out-of-the-box solution  to simple, “XTra Sensory Detection.”

*  Reflex™ not available for all sensors
*  Oxygen detection products must only be used to detect Oxygen depletion in air

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Cost Effective
•  No calibration required
•  Unit may be calibrated if site procedures necessitate
•  Remaining lifetime display enables planned replacement
•  24 month continuous operation
•  Low cost investment


Easy to Use
•  Out-of-the-box solution
•  One button operation
•  Optional Interactive Training Guide available


Excellent EMC/RFI performance
•  No false alarms due to walkie-talkies or mobile phones
•  Exceeds with toughest industrial standards for RFI immunity and EMC compatibility


Reliable Operation
•  Uses patented SureCellTM (CO and  H2S only) and ReflexTM* technology
•  Stable and accurate gas readings
•  Intrinsically safeCompact Design
•  Small ergonomic design
•  Comfortable to wear


Durable housing
•  Rugged and shock resistant
•  Weather resistant
•  Dust & Waterproof to IP67


Versatile clip design
•  Comes with crocodile clip – clips anywhere, prevents accidental loss


Large Display
Uses distinctive icons to illustrate:
•  Battery life status
•  Actual gas reading during alarm - or Real Time Display option
•  Peak reading and when it occurred
•  Remaining lifetime
•  Alarm status
•  Test status


Demanding Alarms
•  Distinctive two-tone alarm
•  Rapid flashing alarm alerts user of danger
•  Vibrating alarm signals alarm in progress
•  Low battery alarm – indicates unit nearing end of life

No accessories available.
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