IMPORTANT SAFETY ADVISORY MicroRAE Gas Monitors / AutoRAE 2 Cradle for MicroRAE


The purpose of this notice is to inform you that we have identified a potential safety issue with the MicroRAE gas monitor when it is used with an AutoRAE 2 Cradle. It is important that MicroRAE customers review this notice to understand the concern and its resolution.

Safety Concern:

We have identified a firmware anomaly in all MicroRAE gas monitors running firmware versions v1.04, v1.06 and v1.08, which includes all MicroRAE monitors sold to date. This firmware anomaly causes ALL alarms to be disabled after performing a bump test or full calibration using the AutoRAE 2 Cradle.

This does not affect MicroRAE gas monitors that are manually bump tested or calibrated without using the AutoRAE 2 Cradle.

Full and Permanent Resolution:

Honeywell has developed a firmware upgrade, v1.10, that resolves this firmware anomaly. All users must upgrade their MicroRAE devices as soon as possible. Firmware upgrade v1.10 is provided with this communication or can be downloaded from the Honeywell RAE Systems website at

User Action

Customers MUST update all MicroRAE gas monitors to firmware version v1.10 (or higher), as soon as possible, and must follow the steps outlined below. work with your Local DISTRIBUTOR and/oR Honeywell contact to track the number of monitors upgraded with new firmware.

Until the new firmware (v1.10 or higher) is installed on MicroRAE monitors:

Prior to updating your firmware the following procedure must be performed after each time a MicroRAE bump test or calibration is performed with an AutoRAE 2 Cradle:

  1. Remove the MicroRAE from the AutoRAE 2 Cradle.
  2. Turn off the MicroRAE.
  3. Once the MicroRAE is off, turn it on again.
  4. After start-up and the instrument is in normal operation mode, press the [Y/+] key to test the alarms.
  5. If all alarms respond, the instrument can be used safely in normal operation.
  6. If any alarm does not respond, check the MicroRAE’s alarm settings to make sure all alarms are enabled. The selected setting under Programming/Alarms/Alarm Settings should be “All Enabled”.

    If any alarms are enabled but not functional, the instrument should not be used.

How to Upgrade to MicroRAE Firmware v1.10 or higher:

Follow this procedure to install new MicroRAE firmware:

  1. Download version v1.11.2 of ProRAE Studio II software (or higher). Use the software file provided with this communication, or download it from, and install it on a PC.
  2. Download MicroRAE firmware v1.10 (or higher) to the PC.
  3. Use the supplied PC Communications Cable (USB to mini-USB cable) to connect the Travel Charger to a PC.
  4. Turn on the MicroRAE. Make sure it is running (with the main measurement screen showing).
  5. Activate the PC Communications mode on the MicroRAE by pressing [MODE] repeatedly, starting from the main measurement screen until you reach the “Comm Mode” screen.
  6. Press [Y/+]. Measurement and datalogging will stop, and the instrument is now ready to communicate with the PC. The display now says “Ready To PC”.
  7. Start up the ProRAE Studio II software (version v1.11.2 or higher), enter a password, and detect the instrument following the directions provided in the ProRAE Studio II User’s Guide. (User Guide available on the RAE Systems website at:, products tab.)
  8. Follow the instructions in the ProRAE Studio II User’s Guide to update the MicroRAE’s firmware.
  9. When you are done, press [MODE] to exit the PC communications mode on the MicroRAE.
  10. Note: After upgrading the MicroRAE's firmware, the monitor will turn off automatically.
  11. Disconnect the MicroRAE from the PC.
  12. Start the MicroRAE.
  13. After upgrading firmware, you should perform a full calibration of the instrument and test the alarms.

After successful completion of these twelve steps, the MicroRAE firmware anomaly and safety concern is permanently resolved. The monitor is ready for safe and normal operation.

For best operation, always upgrade your gas monitor’s firmware to the latest version.

If you need further assistance please contact your local distributor or Honeywell RAE Systems’ customer support team. Honeywell will assist distributors and end-users alike to update all MicroRAE gas monitors with new firmware as quickly as possible.

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