The purpose of this notice is to inform you that we have identified a potential safety issue with the MicroRAE 4-gas portable monitor. We have learned that if the monitor suffers an impact in a specific manner, it could potentially lead to loss of functionality of the buzzer alarm on the monitor.

Our extensive internal tests have confirmed that the issue has a low probability of occurrence, however since the safety of our customers is our most important concern, we have decided to put the product on hold pending further evaluation of this matter.

We can confirm that the MicroRAE 4-gas monitor continues to meet regulatory requirements and is safe to use. However, out of an abundance of caution, we strongly recommend that users follow the recommended actions described below.

Recommended Actions:

  • During initial start-up, check that you hear a beep confirming that the buzzer is functional.

  • During daily bump test (as recommended on page six of the product manual) check that you hear a beep confirming that the buzzer is functional. Alternatively, our AutoRAE 2 automatic bump test and calibration station will confirm all sensors and alarms are working properly during a bump test.

  • If your MicroRAE suffers an impact during use, we recommend that you test the buzzer immediately by pressing Y/+ button to confirm that the buzzer is operational.

  • All three alarm functions (lights, vibration and buzzer) must be utilised and the confidence beep function of the monitor be activated. This will cause the unit to beep every 60 seconds.

  • Before use, securely fasten the monitor with the its alligator clip or approved carrying accessory to avoid dropping the monitor.

  • When you turn the monitor off, make sure that the buzzer is functional (unless the buzzer function has previously been disabled). Check that you hear the monitor beeping multiple times before shutting down.

If you encounter a failure of your MicroRAE, it will be dealt with through our standard warranty process. Please contact your distributor or customer service representative for further instructions.

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