End of Life Announcement - MIDAS 0P3 Pyrolyzer


In January of 2016 Honeywell launched the MIDAS NP1 Pyrolyzer (part number: MIDAS-T-NP1), with the purpose of providing customers with a more reliable, compact, and cost-effective solution.

Following the success of that launch, Honeywell will discontinue both the MIDAS 0P3 Pyrolyzer and MIDAS 0P3 Pyrolyzer Heater Replacement Kit. This announcement is to alert you of our plans to discontinue these products and to provide a last-time purchase opportunity for them.

  • Both the MIDAS 0P3 Pyrolyzer and MIDAS 0P3 Pyrolyzer Replacement Kit will be available for order through June 30, 2017, after which time no new unit orders will be accepted. Final shipments for new orders will be through September 30, 2017.
  • As communicated with the launch of the MIDAS NP1 Pyrolyzer, Honeywell will honour warranty replacements for the MIDAS 0P3 Pyrolyzer with the MIDAS NP1 Pyrolyzer.

Products Impacted:

  • MIDAS 0P3 Pyrolyzer (part number: MIDAS-T-0P3)
  • MIDAS 0P3 Pyrolyzer Heater Replacement Kit (part number: 1283B1300)

For more information about the MIDAS NP1 Pyrolyzer, please contact your local sales representative or visit the Honeywell Analytics website: www.honeywellanalytics.com.
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