BW Clip4 Training App Now Available


The Honeywell BW Clip4 training and simulator app is now available in both Google Play & iTunes stores. You can just search "BW Clip4" in either of those stores and download the app to your phones. This app duplicates the experience of operating a BW Clip4 gas monitor. It comes with an interactive tutorial, which simulates navigation through the BW Clip4 user interface via the same buttons and display as an actual instrument. By default, the app shows normal readings for configured sensors.

With the Honeywell BW Clip4 app, you can:

  • Familiarise yourself with the instrument and its functional features
  • Review key product features and specifications
  • Simulate sensor readings and alarm conditions
  • Review in-the-box and additional accessories
  • Provide feedback on the instrument and mobile app

Apple Devices
Requires devices running iOS 8.0+
Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch 

Android Devices
Works best with Android 4.0.3+
Phones and tablets running Android OS 4.0 or higher 

Please contact your Sales Representative if you need any further information.

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