ACM150 - Perkin Elmer (PKI) Bench Firmware Update v2.0091


Honeywell Analytics is pleased to announce the release of the Perkin Elmer (PKI) firmware update v2.0091 for the ACM150 and upgraded ACM100 units equipped with the PKI bench. There are several new features and improvements that have been included in this update, and it is highly recommended that all ACM150 and upgraded ACM100 units running the PKI bench update their PKI bench firmware to v2.0091.

Enhancements and Improvements:

  1. Improved settings, allowing for better solenoid alignment to correct some no energy or low energy alignment failures at startup
  2. Changed scan opto digital potentiometer setting to improve scan-opto reliability
  3. New option added to Telnet OPTO command, OPTO READ
  4. Telnet command POD now reports the active mode, AUTO or MANUAL
  5. Telnet command LOG now shows GRP to allow sets of log flags to be set at once
  6. Telnet command LOG ALPHA now shows the LOG channels in alphabetical order
  7. New Telnet command FIRMWARE reports the Spectrum 2 firmware version
  8. Support of NIRA II and oil accessory is available in Spectrum 10 10.5.4
  9. Additional message warnings for excess IR energy (DETECTOR_SATURATION_WARNING) and inadequate IR energy (IR energy and DETECTOR_ENERGY_TOO_LOW)

Please note that all ACM150, ACM100 Bench Upgrade Kits, and PKI benches shipped from Honeywell will be equipped with the latest firmware v2.0091, starting February 20, 2017.

For more information about this release, please contact your local sales or service representative for the Technical Note for instructions on where to obtain the firmware update file, and how to update.

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