301AP (Annunciator Panel) Firmware Update (rev1.08)


Honeywell Analytics is pleased to announce the release of a new 301AP firmware revision. The new revision firmware (rev 1.08) contains tighter password protection and enhanced data processing. Enhanced password structure implemented to enable tighter security controls when the 301AP when located in public areas. Compared to previous software revisions, the new release password structure has been changed from a 2-letter alpha character structure to a 4-digit numerical format.

For the first ten minutes of power up, the user will need to log in to the 301AP using password 2967 and change the password. In the event the ten-minute timer elapses or the password is lost, remove power from the 301AP and this will reset the password to 2967 and a new password may be entered.

Passwords per revisions  
Version 1.07 and prior Version 1.08
VA 2967 (*User setup with in first 10min)

Enhanced data processing, in larger systems the 301AP had challenges processing the data received from the 301C Controller and may have cause memory error messages. With the enhancements made the 301AP can now properly process the data presented.

Existing 301AP firmware is not field upgradable, for updating existing units please contact Honeywell Analytics Service.

If you have any questions, please contact your local Regional Sales Manager or the Inside Sales team.

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