New MIDAS Oxygen Cartridge Availability


Honeywell Analytics is pleased to announce the availability of a new cartridge with a warranted 3 year operating life for measurement of Oxygen (O2).

Orders can be placed for this new cartridge from the 18th April 2016

The new Cartridges will offer long life, improved reliability and reduced running costs over the life time.

You’ll find below the new part number:

Part Number   Ranges
MIDAS- L-O2S O2 0– 25.0 %VOL

New updated versions of the Oxygen (O2) Midas Cartridge datasheet will incorporate the new information on the long life cell.

As a result of the new 3 year sensor cell we will phase out the 2 year version Part No MIDAS-E-O2X by the end of October 2016.

The alternative of a one year sensor cell Part No MIDAS-S-O2X will remain available whilst demand is there for this option.

Please contact your Honeywell Analytics representative or Customer Service representative for further information.

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