End of Life O2 Replacement Sensor - SR-X10-C1


The SR-X10-C1 replacement O2 sensor has been designated End of Life and can no longer be ordered.
In its place the City 4OXV sensor is identified as the replacement sensor.

The City 4OXV sensor has been used on the GasAlertMax XT II since 2013 and GasAlertMicroClip Series since 2014 and most recent the BWClip in 2015. We have since shipped over 150,000 sensors on these products and have high confidence on the quality of the 4OXV. Furthermore, the City 4OXV sensor is now used in the GasAlert Extreme, GasAlertQuattro and GasAlertMicro 5 Series detectors.

Distributors, Service Centers and End Users are recommended to update their part numbers to include the 4OXV sensor Part #: SR-X2V. Pricing and warranty remain the same as the former replacement O2 sensor.

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