End of Life Announcement SamplerPak Motorized Sampling Pump


As of December 30, 2014, the SamplerPak Motorized Sampling Pump, including all related instruments and accessories, will no longer be available to order. Service and support will continue to be provided for the next two years.


Discontinued SKUs

Discontinuation of the SamplerPak will include all related instruments and accessories:

Order Number     Description
GA-SPAK   SamplerPak motorized sampling pump kit
GA-SPAK-NA   SamplerPak motorized sampling pump w/ charging kit
GA-SP01   SamplerPak motorized sampling pump
GA-HSAMP   Belt holster for SamplerPak
SP-CPROB1   Collapsible sample probe  3.3 FT. (1M), for use with SamplerPak
SP-CPROB1-14   Collapsible sample probe  14FT. (4.3M), for use with SamplerPak
SP-T1-2   Sample probe, for use with SamplerPak
SPAK-CC1   Carrying case, for use with SamplerPak


Alternative Offering

Manual aspirator pumps are a cost effective alternative to the SamplerPak. A variety of manual aspirator pump kits are available based on the detector you’re using:

Order Number     Description
D4-AS01   Manual aspirator pump and tubing (adaptors and probe sold separately)
GA-AS02   Manual aspirator pump with tubing, probe and adaptor for the GasAlert Extreme and GasAlertMicro 5 products
QT-AS01   Manual aspirator pump with tubing, probe and adaptor for the GasAlertQuattro product
MC-AS01   Manual aspirator pump with tubing, probe and adaptor for the GasAlertMicroClip product


Or, instead of adding a sampling pump to your GasAlert portable detector, you can simplify your portable detection with the GasAlertMax XT II, which has a motorized pump built in. Ideal for sampling in confined spaces, the easy-to-use GasAlertMax XT II features a rechargeable battery for reliable, cost-effective gas detection.


Other alternatives include:

GasAlertMicro 5 Series. This compact, lightweight, water-resistant portable detects up to five gases and includes an optional motorized pump for remote sampling.

PHD6® Multi-Gas Detector. This six-gas portable detector, part of the Honeywell Analytics IQ Management System, features 16 sensor options for maximum configurability, plus an attachable motorized sampling pump.


Last Order Date

The last order date for the SamplerPak will be December 30, 2014. We will accept orders based on material availability.


Spare Parts

We will continue to offer the following spare parts for the SamplerPak until December 30, 2016, based on material availability.

Order Number     Description
SP-CT-1   Replacement coiled tubing, for use with SamplerPak
SP-GK-1   Replacement pump gaskets for SamplerPak
SP-HF-1   Replacement barbed fitting for SamplerPak
SP-PF-1   Replacement pump filters for SamplerPak


Service and Support

We will continue to support the SamplerPak with warranty replacement parts, or an equivalent product replacement, until December 30, 2016. Service teams will continue to provide support and repair during this time.

If you have any questions, please contact your Regional Sales Manager or the Inside Sales team.

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