System 57 - End of Life Update - Orderable Spares Part Numbers


As stated in our previous communications the last time Global buy for System 57 was the 30th April 2017, this update confirms that no further system orders will be accepted. Consistent with our commitment to support our customer installations we will continue to offer support from our Service Teams and endeavour to supply spares for a period of 5 Years, the supply of spares will obviously be dependent on the availability and obsolescence of components.

We would like to bring to your notice that all System 57 kit part numbers (05701-N-xxxx, 05704-N-xxxx, 05708-N-xxxx, 05716-N-xxxx) are no longer available.

System 57 spares can only be ordered using “A” and “C” part numbers (05701-A-xxxx, 05701-C-xxxx, 05704-A-xxxx, 05704-C-xxxx).

If you would like further information relating to fixed gas controllers, please contact your local Honeywell representatives.

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