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ConneXt Pro

ConneXt Pro, an enterprise solution for gas detection, harnesses the Internet of Things (IoT) to give you real-time insights on gas threats. So you can know what’s happening, in the second it’s happening, and where it’s happening — and act on it with speed and precision.
Functies en voordelen
  • Remote visibility on gas detection and worker location
  • Always-on monitoring
  • Centralised command for total awareness
  • Improving productivity, reducing costs and preventing downtime
Snelle specificaties
  • The readings on each portable gas detector
  • Gas alarms throughout your operations
  • Each worker’s location
  • Immediate notification when a man is down
  • The compliance status of each gas detector
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Product Overview

ConneXt Pro combines a permanent wireless infrastructure with portable gas detectors and software to give you a real-time view of gas readings, gas alarms, man-down status, your workers’ location, compliance status and other data. And it’s all centralized in a single map-based display for remote monitoring, accessible from any computer with an internet connection. With this safety intelligence, you can immediately determine the location and severity of a gas alarm, get instant awareness of a worker in distress, make better decisions about rescue and evacuation, and proactively monitor your workers’ safety, compliance and productivity. 

That means the location and gas status of your workers, whether they’re in a confined space during planned maintenance or walking throughout a process unit during normal operations, are always being monitored. The solution alerts you to any threats to safety, compliance or productivity, while giving your workers assurance that someone always has their back. 

ConneXt Pro is compatible with a wide range of Honeywell portable wireless detectors, including single- and multi-gas personal monitors, multi-threat survey monitors and semifixed area monitors. This versatile portfolio is especially important as your operations become more complex, exposing workers to additional hazards and increasingly requiring personal multi-gas detectors to comply with evolving regulations. The solution is flexible and scalable, meaning that it’s never been more cost-effective to add real-time gas monitoring to your wireless infrastructure.

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Do you have a small team working in a confined space such as a duct or vat? When you need temporary monitoring for a few hours for a specific task, use ConneXt Pack, a turnkey, easy-to-deploy kit for up to eight wireless detectors, which send real-time threat readings to an attendant standing outside the space — with no computer needed.
Applications: Confined SpacesFirst RespondersPower GenerationCombustible DetectionToxic DetectionOxygen DetectionTurnarounds and Plant Shutdowns
In this configurable, self-contained solution, real-time detector readings are sent to remote monitoring software viewable on a computer or mobile device. So whether you’re providing an extra layer of security for equipment technicians or maintaining real-time situational awareness for firefighters, ConneXt Plus gives you centralized command and control. And ConneXt Plus is a portable wireless infrastructure, so you can reposition it from one project to the next.
Applications: CBRN IncidentsClandestine LabsConfined SpacesFirst RespondersIndoor Air QualityTurnarounds and Plant ShutdownsPerimeter MonitoringToxic DetectionOxygen DetectionCombustible Detection