SatEx 4-20mA Combustible Versions Discontinuation


At Honeywell Analytics, we are constantly evaluating and updating our product line to meet the evolving gas detection needs of customers around the world. In some cases, this means discontinuing an offering and focusing our efforts on others.

Further to our Bulletin 03-035 of the 14th April 2014, when we withdrew 4-20mA SatEx Combustible gas versions from sale to new installations, we have decided that the models detailed in the table below will be withdrawn from sale with effect from the 19th December 2015.

As an alternative, Sensepoint XCD should be used, or other suitable products including XNX and MIDAS can be considered dependant on the needs.

Part №

Part Description


Sat-Ex 4-20mA/C


Sat-Ex 4-20mA/C/R

We shall endeavour to offer the replacement sensors (Part Numbers 9602-9900 and 9602-9902) for existing installations till at least March 2019 whilst we look to offer upgrade routes for existing users on a site by site basis.

Sensepoint XCD offers a compact hazardous area-certified flammable detection package that features a simple to use interface and detector status at a glance through its easy to understand colour back-lit display. It is available in either aluminium or stainless steel housings with relays as standard together with digital Modbus/RTU communications as an option.

Please contact your local Honeywell representative for available options.

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