VERTEX CLO Analyzer and Pyrolyzer Release


Honeywell is pleased to introduce a significant upgrade to the Vertex® platform with the release of the Vertex CLO Toxic Gas Analyzers. CLO “Closed Loop Optics” incorporates improvements in optical intelligence, triple redundant LEDs, microprocessor based optics control and additional measurement system software, thus further enhancing the performance, reliability and cost of ownership of Vertex and Vertex-M systems.

Vertex CLO Universal Analyzers and CLO Pyrolyzers are available immediately on Vertex orders and as expansion analyzers. CLO Upgrade Kits will also be available allowing CLO functionality to be modernized from legacy analyzers and pyrolyzers (contact Honeywell Analytics Service Department).

CLO Analyzers will be identified by unique part numbers as shown in the following table.

Description Legacy Part Number CLO Part Number List Price USD
CLO Universal Analyzer 1291-1001 1291-1002 $16,322.00
CLO Pyrolyzer Analyzer 1291-2001 1291-2002 $25,022.00
CLO Upgrade Kit 1295A0093 (blocks only) 1295K0618 $2,422.00

CLO Features

  • Dedicated smart microprocessor control with supported software
  • Triple LED redundancy per point to minimize the variance of light intensity
  • Modular optical design
  • Enhanced measurement and diagnostics within both optic blocks
Increased 16x resolution of intensity control for improved stability of calibrations
Lowered LDL of future calibrations
Referenced photo-detectors independently measure and maintain intensity of primary measurement used for detection on each point
New diagnostic codes to insure reliability of system

Vertex HMI Software Version

Vertex HMI software revision 1.25.8 and above will support a mixture of different optics technologies in a single Vertex series rack. Functionality of the software is unchanged for Operation and Maintenance. Legacy Analyzers seamlessly integrate with the new software. For detailed information see Tech Note-1998-0890, Vertex Software Package 1.25.8 Release Notes.

Current HMI Version CLO supported Vertex HMI Version
1.25.5 1.25.8 and above

Vertex software package 1.25.8 is required to provide CLO support and allows unrestricted mix of CLO and legacy analyzers within the same Vertex rack.

Thank you for your business. If you have any questions, please contact your local Regional Sales Manager or the Inside Sales team.

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