Fleet Manager II v4.4.20 – Honeywell Releases Major Update


Honeywell Analytics has released an update for Fleet Manager II to introduce new functionalities. This version of Fleet Manager II includes following key enhancements:

Key Enhancements

  1. Fleet Manager Software supported on Windows 10
  2. Fleet Manager updated to allow users to save test results in non-English language
  3. Ability to Automatically generate certification
  4. Ability to use Fleet Manger on a shared database
  5. Data import using USB from IntelliDoX to Fleet Manager
  6. Ability to change default sensor setting for GasAlertMax XT II
  7. Improved data saving capabilities
  8. Set default alarms for MicroClip, Max XT II, Quattro, M5 and GasAlert Extreme
  9. Ability to modify datalog option frequency
  10. Ability to modify or change database saving and archival location
  11. Preventing Fleet Manager to close abruptly
  12. Improved capabilities to set schedule to import data from docking station
  13. Several other functional improvements


Fleet Manager II v.4.4.20
Updated December 15, 2016

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