Fleet Manager II – Major Update - Version v.4.3.31 release


Honeywell Analytics has released an update for Fleet Manager II supporting the new IntelliDoX for GasAlertMicroClip and BW Clip Real Time detectors. This follows the successful global launch of the BW Clip single-gas detector and introduction of the IntelliDoX instrument management system in 2015.

Improved productivity and enhanced safety for the GasAlertMicroClip Series
This latest version of Fleet Manager II, v.4.3, is recommended for the support of the IntelliDoX for compatible GasAlertMicroClip detectors. All of the same configurable features possible on the MicroDock II have been adapted for the IntelliDoX. Now, users can incorporate their instrument management with the newest addition of IntelliDoX modules. Companies will become more productive while enhancing their worksite safety management with the easy to network and configure GasAlertMicroClip IntelliDoX.

A new level of worksite safety for BW Clip single-gas detector users
Users can experience greater productivity and enhanced safety from the all-new BW Clip Real Time detector. Combined with the easy to operate IntelliDoX instrument management system, users can experience the same operational flexibility as the BW Clip, but with the constant gas level display of the BW Clip Real Time; giving instant visibility of accurate, reliable gas readings in an easy to configure and calibrate detector.

Additional performance enhancements for increased productivity.
With the release of the new Fleet Manager II update for the multi-gas GasAlertMicroClip Series and the single-gas BW Clip Series detectors, you will experience:
  • Improved network access for MicroDock II and IntelliDoX modules
  • Enhanced database integration between the MicroDock II and IntelliDoX modules for the BW Clip
  • Event Log and User Data improvements
With this latest version of Fleet Manager II software installed, you will make sure that you have the newest features and functions allowing you to be more productive than ever before.
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