End of Life Announcement SS2 Commercial Safe Area Flame Detector


This internal notice is to advise that effective January 1, 2017, the SS2 will no longer be available for sale as a listed product, nor will it appear on future price lists. Two options are currently available for consideration where the SS2 has previously been utilized—the FSL100 or FS20X mid-range Flame Detectors.

See below to determine the suitability of the FSL100 or FS20X for applications where the SS2 has previously been specified.

What products are being discontinued?

  • Fire Sentry SS2-A and SS2-AN: - Petrochemical Facilities and Refineries, Co-Generation Plants, Aircraft Hangars, Silane Gas Storage, Gas Turbines & Power Plants, Gas Compressor Stations

SS2-A SS2-AN-SS-C-E      
SS2-A-SS-C-E       SS2-AN-S

What are the alternative products?

  • FSL100-UVIR - Appropriate for all Class I Div. 2 applications
  • FS20X
FS20X-211-21-2 replaces SS2-A / SS2-AN FS20X-211-23-3 replaces SS2-A-C-E / SS2-AN-C-E
FS20X-211-22-2 replaces SS2-A-SS / SS2-AN-SS FS20X-211-24-3 replaces SS2-A-SS-C-E / SS2-AN-SS-C-E

If you have any questions, please contact your Honeywell Analytics Regional Sales Manager.

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