End of Life Announcement of Various Chemcassettes for a Range of Products Including SPM/TLD1 and EGM


Following a review of Chemcassettes for all Honeywell products we have identified that a number have had no sales for in excess of 3 years.

Therefore with immediate effect we will discontinue the availability of the Chemcassettes in the table below.

 Part Number            
 Product Used In         
700343 Aromatic Amines PPD EP  SPM 
Bromine LP
7100 & System 16
856313 Bromine EGM EGM
874007 CL2 /Oxidisers CM4
1830-9306 F2/Oxidisers LP 7100 & System 16
711347 Hydrazine LP 7100
702505 Hydrogen Chloride SP 7100
711301 Hydrogen Chloride LP 7100 & System 16
856509 Hydrogen Peroxide  EGM
Hydrogen Sulphide Vertex
700395 Hydrogen Sulphide LL EP SPM
874305 NO2 CM4
1756-9300 XP Hydrides XPE EGM

Please note that all the above Chemcassettes will not be included in the next Price list 2016.

Should there be any customers of the above Chemcassettes please contact your local Honeywell representative or distributor for alternative products.

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