SPM / TLD-1 Trade-In Programme


We have recently informed you about End of Life of SPM / TLD-1, which has been on the market for more than 25 years.

Our newest Chemcassettes® tape-based gas detector SPM Flex, designed to the highest standards of safety and reliability, replaces the old SPM / TLD-1, offering to the users improved safety and productivity.

As a valued Honeywell customer, today we would like to introduce the SPM/TLD-1 TRADE IN PROGRAMME, offering you the possibility to upgrade your gas detection instrumentation to a new standard of ease, flexibility and intelligence and for a smooth transfer from SPM/TLD-1 to SPM Flex.

As an additional benefit for you Honeywell is taking care of the safe disposal of old units in compliance with the WEEE regulation.

Please find the details for the SPM/TLD-1 Trade In Programme below. Do not hesitate to contact Honeywell for further information.

Honeywell Analytics SPM/TLD-1 TRADE-IN-PROGRAMME

1. For each new SPM Flex purchased by you from Life Safety Distribution AG - Honeywell will credit the equivalent quantity of SPM or TLD-1 units as set out in Appendix A.
2. The quantity of Trade In units may not exceed the number of new SPM Flex units ordered on the same order.
3. Purchase Order`s clearly have to specify the Trade In Program and the quantity of units mentioned in this PO. No units will be credited unless the statement “SPM TRADE IN PROGRAMME” is indicated on the Purchase Order
4. Trade In units have to be returned within 6 weeks after receipt of the new SPM Flex unit.
5. Credit`s for Trade In units will only be raised against your account with Life Safety Distribution AG as a credit against future purchases.
6. The Programme is valid from 1st of September 2015 until 31st of March 2016 (last order date)
7. Units to be returned have to be decontaminated prior to shipment to us, any contaminated unit may be returned to you
8. All units have to be returned to Poole after obtaining an RMA Number from the Honeywell Analytics service department via its email: ha.service@honeywell.com. NO UNITS CAN BE RETURNED WITHOUT AN RMA NUMBER AND WILL BE REJECTED:

Honeywell Analytics Ltd
Attention: Gary White / Jonathan Handley
Hatch Pond House
4 Stinsford Road
BH17 0RZ
United Kingdom

9. No credit will be issued if units are returned to any other location than Poole.
10. Return shipments to Poole are at your risk and cost
11. This agreement is valid for customers based in EMEA only.
12. No other products than SPM or TLD-1 are covered under this programme.

Appendix A
Credit per unit returned based on order quantity of SPM Flex per order:
1 units: € 300,00 £ 220,00 $ 330,00
2-4 units: € 500,00 £ 360,00 $ 550,00
5-9 units: € 600,00 £ 430,00 $ 660,00
10-14 units: € 700,00 £ 500,00 $ 770,00
15 and above: € 800,00 £580,00 $880,00
EG: If 3 x SPM units are returned after ordering 3 x SPM Flex a credit will be due of 3 x €500-00 so total credit granted will be €1,500-00 .

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