IntelliDoX Firmware v07 - Update Release


IntelliDoX firmware update will provide essential support for the BW Clip Real Time detector when used in conjunction with IntelliDoX. This firmware gives the ability to calibrate the detector automatically through the IntelliDoX; allowing users instant visibility of accurate, reliable gas readings at all times. This firmware also provides additional networking enhancements for all BW Clip Series of detectors.

All BW Clip IntelliDoX users are recommended to download and install this latest firmware.

Please follow the instructions in the IntelliDoX Operator Manual to update module firmware. Users may update firmware via USB flash drive to an individual module or a gang of (up to) five connected modules.  When a module or gang of modules is connected to a network, users may transfer the firmware update file to multiple selected modules via Fleet Manager II software.

IMPORTANT: Do not deactivate the module during firmware update procedure.
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