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As stated in our previous communications the last time Global buy for System 57 was the 30th April 2017, this update confirms that no further system orders will be accepted. Consistent with our commitment to support our customer installations we

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new Flame Detection Wizard and including it on our website. Our goal with this tool is to provide our customers an easier way to identify the best flame detector for their application based on a set

The Honeywell BW Clip4 training and simulator app is now available in both Google Play & iTunes stores. You can just search "BW Clip4" in either of those stores and download the app to your phones. This app duplicates the experience of operat
Le enviamos esta notificación porque, según nuestros registros, ha adquirido uno o varios de los detectores enumerados anteriormente. Hemos emitido un aviso de seguridad relativo a dichos detectores y estamos informando del problema

As Honeywell, we proactively investigate and improve our products to continuously ensure compliance with current and forthcoming directives. Following a review of our current product portfolio against the forthcoming requirements of “Restri

The purpose of this notice is to inform you that we have identified a potential safety issue with the MicroRAE 4-gas portable monitor. We have learned that if the monitor suffers an impact in a specific manner, it could potentially lead to loss o

At the end of 2nd quarter of 2017 Honeywell Analytics will discontinue all models of the IR148 due to changes in legislation with regard to RoHS and the new EMC standards. A replacement product should be available from us in 2018. Affected part

We are happy to announce that Sensepoint with Junction Box will meet the more stringent RoHS and EMC requirements, which come into effect mid-2017. Consequently, the product will continue to be available for sale.

Please be reminded that o

The ACM 150 FTIR Analyzer accessory item “Kit, Line Leak, 3/8T Check Valve” (PN 76-165-14594-00-A) was replaced by the PN 76-165-14594-00-1.  “10-point Sample Manifold includes Dust Filter” (PN 76-150-14393-04-B) was

In January of 2016 Honeywell launched the MIDAS NP1 Pyrolyzer (part number: MIDAS-T-NP1), with the purpose of providing customers with a more reliable, compact, and cost-effective solution.

Following the success of that launch, Honeywell w