Honeywell Rolls Out IQ Force Multi-Gas Detector

November 14 – 2012 LINCOLNSHIRE, IL – Honeywell (NYSE: HON) today introduced the IQ Force™ multi-gas detector into its IQ Management System for portable gas detection. Available as a base model four-gas detector for meeting compliance requirements or as an extended system with IQ Management docking station for automated bump test, calibration and recharging, IQ Force offers simplified, dependable operation for enhanced safety in severe industrial environments.

“This product was designed to meet the widest range of needs for safety managers, from those focused on managing their compliance requirements to those aiming to drive safer habits through a safety culture,” said Sean Stinson, Honeywell Analytics product manager. “By automating and simplifying the most essential maintenance tasks including calibration and bump testing, to administrative tasks related to records-keeping and troubleshooting, IQ Force offers a more efficient way for safety managers to manage a fleet of gas detectors, freeing up their time for other safety-related tasks. In this way, IQ Force not only enhances safety, but maximizes productivity and uptime, and reduces training requirements.”

IQ Force is a feature-rich detector that includes:

*       Reliable monitoring of O2, LEL, CO and H2S gas hazards

*       Fully automated, simplified bump and calibration (IQ Force Dock)

*       Remote email notification of alarm (IQ Management System) 

*       Visual compliance/flashing LED (SafetyFlash™)

*       A custom alarm and multiple latching alarm options

*       At-a-glance operating status conveyed through icons on the large display

The IQ Force works in conjunction with the IQ Management System, a sophisticated software solution from Honeywell Analytics that allows users to choose the data they want to manage along with the ability to configure reports and analyses to meet their specific operational needs. The IQ Management System’s software is hosted on the user’s database, turning gas detection data into decision-making information quickly and easily.

Through the networkable dock and system software, users obtain full visibility to information about detector performance, compliance and trending including alarms, gas exposure levels, safety incident history, sensor status, calibration and bump test results, calibration gas consumption, battery usage, dock station data, full alarm function testing, security settings and more.

The IQ Management engine also works through these other Honeywell gas detectors and docks:
PHD6™ Six-Gas Detector and IQ6™ Dock ; and ToxiPro® Single-Gas Detectors and IQ Express™ Dock.

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