Portable Gas Detection

Portable Gas Detection Training

Distributor Application and Sales Workshops

Join the Honeywell Portable Gas Detection Team for the latest information on our industry-leading line of personal protection gas monitors. Learn about our company, products and how to use them, become more familiar with how personal gas monitors function learn to talk more confidently about this important piece of safety equipment. Topics include:

  • Gas Detection Theory
  • Gas Detection Technologies
  • Hands-on Product Demonstrations
  • Calibration
  • Data Management


Typical Course Agenda:

Day 1:
Gas Detection Theory, Sensor Technologies, GasAlertMicro 5, GasAlertExtreme, and GasAlertClipExtreme

Day 2:
GasAlert MicroClip XT, GasAlertMax XT II, GasAlertQuattro, MicroDock II, Fleet Manager II, ImpactPro, Enforcer/ICU Software, and Fixed Products

Day 3:
ToxiPro, MultiPro, IQForce, PHD6, IQ Docking, IQ Datalink, BioTrak Series, and IQ Database Manager

Note: Interested parties can attend days 1 and 2 only or the full 3-day course.


Service Repair Training

HA University offers service repair classes for BW Technologies and Biosystems portable gas monitors.  Classes are limited to 12 students in Lincolnshire and 15 in Houston with a minimum of 4 and registration is subject to approval by Honeywell. Cost:  $375.00 and topics covered include:

  • Gas Detection Theory, Sensor Technology
  • BW Single- and Multi-Gas Monitors
  • Maintenance and Calibration
  • MicroDock II
  • Fleet Manager II Software
  • Biosystems Single- and Multi-Gas Monitors
  • Maintenance and Calibration
  • IQ Docking
  • BioTrak Series
  • IQ Management


2014 Training Dates and Locations

Distributor Application and Sales Workshop:

Cleveland, OH Sept 16-18 - Register Here
Houston, TX Oct 14-16 - SESSION FULL

Portables Service and Repair Workshop:

Houston, TX Nov 11-13 - SESSION FULL

Calgary, AB Dec 2-4 - SESSION FULL
Houston, TX Dec 9-11 - SESSION FULL