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Further to the previous Supply Interruption Bulletin 2016051, we confirm that the SS3 Flame Detector is no longer available for sale as a listed product.

As a non-serviceable product, it will not appear on any Service Sales sheets.

This latest GasAlertMicroClip Firmware update by BW Technologies by Honeywell provides functional support for the GasAlertMicroClip XT and XL gas detectors. It directly improves the GasAlertMicroClip XT and XL gas detector functionality by:

In line with bulletin 01-113 dated 14th August 2014 regarding the withdrawal of DVC100, we have fulfilled our commitment to manufacture these products for the purpose of supporting the installed base.

I therefore confirm that the DVC100 pr

We are pleased to announce the release of a stainless steel flow housing accessory for our Searchpoint Optima Plus fixed point infrared gas detector. This part is similar in design to the existing part [2108B0282] with the body manufactured in 31

This is an EOL End of Life announcement for the Satellite sensor cell for Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) Part No 9602-5201

As a result of a review of the availability of components used in the manufacture of the sensor cell electrodes we are goin

Honeywell Analytics has released an update for Fleet Manager II supporting the new IntelliDoX for GasAlertMicroClip and BW Clip Real Time detectors. This follows the successful global launch of the BW Clip single-gas detector and introduction of
IntelliDoX firmware update will provide essential support for the BW Clip Real Time detector when used in conjunction with IntelliDoX. This firmware gives the ability to calibrate the detector automatically through the IntelliDoX; allowing users
Honeywell Analytics is pleased to announce the availability of a new cartridge with a warranted 3 year operating life for measurement of Oxygen (O2).

Orders can be placed for this new cartridge from the 18th April 2016

The new Cartr

Cyber security is a top concern at Honeywell, and we continuously evaluate our products to ensure their quality and security.

We recently discovered a potential security vulnerability in our Midas Gas Detector. Although we are not
At Honeywell Analytics, we are constantly evaluating and updating our product line to meet the evolving gas detection needs of customers around the world. In some cases, this means discontinuing an offering and focusing our efforts on others.