End of Life Announcement Satellite XT and Sat-Ex Sensor Cell Support for Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S)


This is an EOL End of Life announcement for the Satellite sensor cell for Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) Part No 9602-5201. As a result of a review of the availability of components used in the manufacture of the sensor cell electrodes we are going to cease the manufacture at the end of November 2016 or earlier should demand be high.

For replacement sensor cell see table below:

   Part Number          Range
EOL Sensor cell    9602-5201
 0-30.0 ppm H2S     
Replacement sensor cell              9602-5200  0-100 ppm H2S

We will continue to monitor the component availability situation and should this change (due to increasing orders for example) then we will inform you of this.

Please contact your local Honeywell Sales Representative or Distributor to discuss alternative products available.

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