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IQ Force

Customizable and reliable, these multi-gas detectors are simple to use and are perfect for a variety of industrial applications.
Features & Benefits
  • Built for dust, weather and temperature extremes
  • Continuous black box data recorder captures critical information
  • Glove-friendly, simple one-button operation
Quick Specs
  • Datalogger: 41 hours @ 1 minute intervals (default)
  • Alarm Types: High, Low, TWA, STEL, Custom
  • Battery type: Lithium ion
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Product Overview

IQ Force multi-gas detectors are simple to use, customizable and reliable—perfect in a variety of industrial applications. This rugged detector monitors for up to four gases simultaneously including oxygen (O2), combustible gases (%LEL), hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and carbon monoxide (CO). 

Protecting workers day after day, IQ Force works as a small scale personal gas detection solution or can be combined with an optional pump, docking station and software to provide a more comprehensive IQ Management System solution. A full solution can take your fleet safety program to a new level of efficiency, safety habits and overall safety culture.

Ask us about how the IQ Force can:
  • Improve safety
  • Reduce training
  • Save you from administrative work
  • Improve productivity and reduce downtime
  • Provide confidence
  • Help you build a safety culture

Additional Features and Benefits:

Dependable. Easy. Versatile. Let IQ Force work for you.
Ready when you are:
  • Rugged industrial design with built-in impact resistant housing
  • Extensive RFI shielding
  • Built for dust, water and temperature extremes found in harsh working environments
  • Always audible with enhanced beeper dust and water protection
  • A single battery charge outlasts a full shift
Data when you need it most:
  • Continuous black box data recorder captures a wealth of critical information
  • Extensive datalogging capacity
  • New nested event logging feature
Vital information at a glance:
  • Heart and Pump icons confirm normal operating status of instrument and pump
  • SafetyFlash™ and Security/Confidence Flash features provide at-a-glance assurance of safety status
  • Large LCD screen conveys four simultaneous readings, messages and range of intuitive icons
Easy to use:
  • Glove friendly, simple one-button operation
  • Exceptionally easy automated calibration with docking station
  • Optional motorized sampling pump attaches in seconds
  • Field replaceable battery and sensors
Flexible to your needs:
  • Set the custom alarm for your site's unique requirements
  • A reliable detector and more - customize to your needs with pump, dock and IQ Management System
  • Enhance your safety culture and streamline reportable events with the aid of different latching alarm options
  • Get the right information to the right people with IQ Force's remote emailing feature
multi-gas detector for industrial applications - IQ Force multi-gas detectors - Honeywell Analytics

IQ Force Dock

IQ Force Docking Station


stand-alone docking station with Etherne. Includes power adapter, IQ Force and dock software, USB cable, tubing and user manual CD.

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IQ Force pump module

includes sample probe, filter kit and hose (10 ft. / 3 m)

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Download the latest software and firmware

Make sure you have the latest software and firmware for your monitor.

IQ Management Software Suite

Suite Installer inculdes: BioTrak II, Database Manager, IQ Administrator, PostgreSQL, and IQ Express software for all products except MultiPro

IQ Management Suite Installer
Suite Installer inculdes: BioTrak II, Database Manager, IQ Administrator, PostgreSQL, and IQ Express software for all products except MultiPro
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