Release of Stainless Steel Flow Housing for Searchpoint Optima Plus


We are pleased to announce the release of a stainless steel flow housing accessory for our Searchpoint Optima Plus fixed point infrared gas detector. This part is similar in design to the existing part [2108B0282] with the body manufactured in 316 stainless steel as opposed to black anodised aluminium.

The part numbers for the flow housings are as follows:

Part Number  



Searchpoint Optima Plus Flow Housing – Aluminium


Searchpoint Optima Plus Flow Housing – Stainless Steel

Versions of Searchpoint Optima for sample systems will continue to be supplied pre-fitted with the aluminium version of the flow housing and both the aluminium and stainless steel versions will be offered as accessories.

Please contact your local Honeywell representative for price information.

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