MST Toxic Gas Test Kits Discontinuation


In line with company policies we annually review all products with an aim to ensure on-going availability and support to our customers. As part of this review the availability of parts to manufacturing as well as demand and economic value are all examined to ensure viability.

As a result of this review, and of legislation regarding transportation of dangerous goods, we have decided to withdraw the MST Toxic Gas Test Kits. These are used in “bump testing” the Satellite XT and SatEx products sensor cells.


Affected Part Numbers are as follows:


MST Gas Test Kit for Toxic Gases (incl. Cl2, H2, HCl, HF, NH3)


MST Gas Test Kit for H2 Hydrogen


MST Gas Test Kit for H2S Hydrogen Sulphide


MST Gas Test Kit for Cl2 Chlorine


MST Gas Test Kit for CO Carbon Monoxide


MST Gas Test Kit for HCN Hydrogen Cyanide


MST Gas Test Kit for HCl Hydrogen Chloride


MST Gas Test Kit for SO2 Sulphur Dioxide


MST Gas Test Kit for HF Hydrogen Fluoride


MST Gas Test Kit for COCl2 Phosgene


MST Gas Test Kit for NH3 Ammonia


MST Gas Test Kit for O3 Ozone


MST Gas Test Kit for NOx Nitrogen Oxides


MST Gas Test Kit for N2H4 Hydrazine 

The supply of these Kits will continue to be made available until 19th December 2015.

Last time to order

27th November 2015

Last order shipment

19th December 2015

The MST Gas Test kits have a maximum storage time of 6 months from date of manufacture and have a 1 year life in normal use.

If you have any questions regarding this notice, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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