FS17X Flame Detector – End of Life Notification


This notice is to advise that effective immediately, the Honeywell FS7 flame detector will replace the Honeywell FS17X flame detector, which has been discontinued. The Honeywell FS17X flame detectors have not been manufactured by Honeywell since March 2016. Furthermore, please note:

  • The Honeywell FS7 flame detector should be considered for applications where the FS17X had previously been specified or installed.

  • The FS17X is not serviceable under warranty, due to the sealed construction, accordingly, all warranty replacement requests for the FS17X will be fulfilled with a new or remanufactured FS7.

  • The FS17X was inadvertently mismarked with the FM certification mark. Given the fact that the FS17X and FS7 are similar in design and function, Honeywell has opted to go to market solely with the FS7 as its FM-Approved flame detector for specialized use.

  • End users who have purchased an FS17X, and require the FM certification, can return the unit pursuant to Honeywell’s warranty return process for a replacement unit on or before March 31, 2017. All replacements shall be pursuant to Honeywell’s limited warranty.


If you have any questions, please contact your Honeywell Analytics Regional Sales Manager.

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