MultiPro IQ Express™ Docking Station 
MultiPro IQ Express Docking Station 
Improve your gas detection program with the MultiPro IQ Express™ Docking Station. The fully automated bump test and calibration station performs up to twelve critical operational procedures. It helps improve compliance and reduce labor and calibration gas costs. As part of the IQ Management System, the MultiPro IQ Express Dock allows you to create a better gas detection program.
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Automated Tests

  • Automatic Instrument Identification
  • Automatic Battery Test
  • Automatic Alarm Tests (audible, visible, vibrating)
  • Automatic Bump Test
  • Automatic Calibration (if necessary)
  • Automatic Record Keeping
  • Automatic Ready / Fault indication

Single or Multiple Docks 

  • Cascade between 1 and 4 docks

Configuration Options

  • Standalone calibration station
  • Connected to PC via USB or Ethernet for enhanced control over calibration and data acquisition during testing

Efficient and Economical

  • Bump test in under 30 seconds
  • Calibration in about 1 minute
Optional Accessories
  • Demand Flow Regulator
  • Calibration Gas Cylinder Holder
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01 Aug 12 Equivalent Gas Mixtures.pdf Application Notes 34 kb
01 Aug 12 IQ System Manifold for Single Calibration Gas Source to Multiple Docks.pdf Application Notes 141 kb
18 Feb 13 MultiPro IQ Express Reference Manual Manual / Supplement 948 kb
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