Apex Transmitter with Sensor 

Highest performance fixed flammable and toxic gas detector with a choice of communication outputs, accessories and installation flexibility.

Apex takes the best elements of gas detection design and combining them into one unit. Apex provides the highest performance, installation flexibility, a wide range of accessories and a choice of communication outputs. All this is provided in a package that is easy to install, operate and maintain.

The robust hazardous area approved Apex transmitter housing and mounting bracket is made from 316 Stainless Steel. It has a large backlit LCD display, simple 4 button operation, 3 fully configurable relay outputs and selectable sink, source or isolated 4-20mA signal. The sensor and transmitter is common for all  gas types.

The Apex Sensor can be mounted directly on  the transmitter or remotely up to 100m away. The same sensor is used for both catalytic and electrochemical type sensor cartridges.

Smart Cartridge
The sensor can be fitted with a choice of over 40 toxic gas ranges and wide range of detectable flammable gases. Each cartridge is pre-calibrated and simply plugs into the sensor. The Intrinsically Safe design allows cartridges to be changed with the unit under power. The transmitter recognises a newly fitted sensor cartridge and automatically reads all the configuration information from it.

Typical applications include:

Exploration drilling rigs, production platforms, FPSOs, oil and gas terminals, chemical plants, oil and gas tankers.

Heavy Industrial
Steel manufacture, ship building.

Automotive, glass and ceramics, aerospace, printing and coating, cosmetics.

Research labs, solvent storage areas, process areas, demineralisation plants.

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Easy to Install
•  Sensor can be remotely mounted up to 100m from the transmitter
•  On board relays allow for local audible / visual alarms
•  Strong integral 316 STST mounting bracket
•  Large easy access cable entries
•  Easy access terminal blocks
•  Wide range of accessories


Easy to Use
•  Intuitive menu operating system
•  Clear on screen instructions guide user
•  Simple four button operation
•  Multiple language options
•  Transmitter recognises new sensor cartridges
•  Easy to change gas types
•  Large clear backlit graphical LCD display


Easy to Maintain
•  Simple plug in under power sensor cartridge
•  Smart cartridges are supplied pre-calibrated
•  Common sensor and transmitter for all gas types
•  Simple filter replacement

No accessories available.
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29 May 09 Apex Accessories Quick Start Guide Manual / Supplement 607 kb
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