705 HT Series of Flammable Gas Sensors 
UL certified, explosion-proof flammable gas detectors with high temperature version certified to 150°C.

The Model 705 high temperature sensor has been specifically designed for the detection of combustible gases in high temperature hazardous area locations.  Typical applications include turbine enclosures and drying ovens used in solvent based printing and coating machines.

These applications require a sensor that provides reliable and stable detection allowing low level alarm settings across a wide temperature range. Utilising a specially matched pair of Sieger poison resistant combustible gas detection elements, the Model 705 High Temperature Sensor has a very stable baseline allowing alarm trip points to be set as low as 5% LEL across a temperature range of -25°C to +150°C (-3°F to +302°F). The gas measuring range can be configured from 0-20% LEL up to 0-100% LEL depending on the type of controller used.

The detector elements are housed in a UL hazardous area approved explosion proof assembly, and provide an industry standard 3 wire mV bridge output which can be connected to a suitable control device or converted to an analogue output signal via a field transmitter.
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Excellent Performance
•  Certified for hazardous location operation  up to +150°C (+302°F)
•  Alarm trip points as low as 5% LEL
•  Fast speed of response
•  Poison resistant detectors
•  Low power consumption


Cost Effective
•  Low cost disposable sensor
•  Greater than 5 year typical operating life


Reliable Operation
•  Specially matched ‘Sieger’ detectors provide highest stability
•  Proven technology from the World leader in combustible gas detection


•  Measuring ranges from 0-20% LEL to 0-100% LEL
•  Wide range of accessories


Robust Construction
•  UL approved explosion proof enclosure
•  High grade Aluminum construction

No Accessories available.
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05 Nov 09 Model 705 Sensor H2S Datasheet 568 kb
05 Nov 09 Model 705 Sensor for Combustible Gases Datasheet 426 kb
29 Oct 09 Gas Book Americas Gas Book 5,365 kb
12 Nov 10 705 HT Series Datasheet Datasheet 345 kb
01 Apr 13 Fixed-Point Industrial Fire and Gas Detection Brochure 1,194 kb

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29 May 09 705 Combustible Gas Sensor Manual Manual / Supplement 275 kb
29 May 09 705 H2S Sensor and Transmitter for Electrochemical Cells Manual Manual / Supplement 803 kb
29 May 09 705 CO Sensor and Transmitter for Electrochemical Cells Manual Manual / Supplement 790 kb
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