Honeywell Analytics unit extends, upgrades or serves new gas monitoring installations; offers compact design, flexible 8-24 point monitoring, no calibration required, shows evidence of gas leak through Chemcassette®

March 2, 2009 - Lincolnshire, Illinois - Honeywell (NYSE:HON) today introduced the Vertex M, an economical, 8 to 24 point toxic gas monitor that packs the industry’s most sophisticated “proof of detection” monitoring technology, colorimetric Chemcassette®, into a space-saving, compact cabinet and small 33-inch footprint that fits comfortably wherever space allows. 

Designed to accommodate a range of installations from large fabs to small labs, from upgrading or extending an existing gas detection system to implementing a new one, Vertex M identifies over 40 toxic gases down to parts per billion levels—providing the best assurance that people are safe, assets are protected, and an operation is performing effectively at peak efficiencies.

Vertex M will serve demanding High Tech applications including semiconductor fabs, photovoltaic, pharmaceutical, LED and nano-manufacturing plants, research labs, and homeland defense; industrial applications include chemical, oil and gas, printing, plastics and fibers, agriculture and other manufacturing applications.

Vertex M offers flexible configuration options and a universal communications platform ideal for facilities looking to extend, upgrade or implement a gas monitoring system. It has room for one to three universal Chemcassette analyzers, each providing 8 points of monitoring, or a combination of one Chemcassette analyzer and one pyrolyzer analyzer. Vertex M is interoperable with virtually all Industrial communication protocols including LonWorks, DeviceNet, ControlNet, Modbus Plus, DF1 and 4-20mA. The unit can operate on 110V or 220VAC.

Vertex M is distinguished by a dense, space-saving design. A top-front panel access provides easy access to analyzers, pumps and power supplies, simplifying maintenance tasks. A 32-inch footprint enables the unit to be installed in a crowded area.  In a fab or other High Tech manufacturing environment, this economical use of space satisfies a critical life safety requirement while maximizing space allotment. Despite its compact size, Vertex M can effectively monitor large areas; in fact, sampling points can be placed up to 400 feet (120 meters) from the system.

Proof of Detection
Like its larger-sized predecessor, the award-winning Vertex, Vertex M demonstrates the proven colorimetric detection technology required to monitor toxic process gases down to parts per billion levels with the least amount of cross-sensitivity to other gases (compared with other gas detection technologies currently available). Vertex M uses Honeywell’s patented Chemcassette® technology, wherein a special chemically impregnated paper tape that is highly specific to the target gas reacts to the gas with “proof of detection” that leaves a color stain on the paper relative to the gas concentration. This proof of detection technology can prove safety compliance and support other safety/legal documentation.  The Chemcassette provides up to three months of continuous, trouble-free monitoring. For added convenience, gas samples can be split to more than one analyzer.

Vertex M offers simplified installation and operation. The OPC (open connectivity) interface integrates easily into a factory automation system or HMI (Human Machine Interface). The operating software has been developed to provide added security, simplified user operation and increased diagnostic capability including event logging and trending. Users get touch screen access to data; however, multiple levels of password protection are offered.

The unit has also been designed with an advanced system backup using built-in redundancy; if, for example, the main data acquisition PC fails, the analyzers will continue to monitor, log data and alarm. A back-up pump and internal power module are standard features. The Vertex software can be configured without taking the unit offline. No dynamic calibration is required, no flow balancing is needed.

Other options include remote control/viewing software that enables users to view gas concentration readings at a remote PC. A Chemcam camera permits optical viewing of a gas stain, locally or remotely, for proof of a gas event. The image is saved electronically for future retrieval. An automated leak test with line integrity is an additional option.

 “Vertex M offers all the advantages of Honeywell Analytics’ award-winning Vertex in a smaller cabinet with a lower cost of ownership,” said Steve Pitts, R&D Manager for Honeywell Analytics’ High Tech line of business. “With its parts per billion detection levels, proof of response to a gas release, and no gas calibration intervals required, Vertex M offers the most sophisticated, reliable gas monitoring technology available. It’s also designed for easy service access and fits practically anywhere the customer needs it. Quite simply, it’s a smart, economical way to get an entry-level purchase of the most reliable monitoring technology available today.”