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History and Heritage 

Honeywell Analytics has been continuously evolving since its conception nearly 50 years ago.  The company was established in the UK in 1959 by gas detection pioneer and inventor of the first reliable catalytic bead, Joshua Sieger.  Sieger, a keen lover of boats, developed the idea from a general consensus in boating circles that there was a need for a reliable gas detection device.  The Siegistor was launched by J&S Sieger Ltd with great effect and set the benchmark for catalytic bead flammable gas detection technology.    Following the immense success of catalytic bead technologies, J&S Sieger Ltd’s reputation grew rapidly, attracting the interest of some major organizations.  In 1961 the company was commissioned by Shell to devise an entire gas detection system for its white oil storage depot in Gibraltar.

In 1979 Zellweger Analytics, a division of the Zellweger Luwa group, acquired J&S Sieger Ltd., marking the company’s entry into flammable gas detection.  Over the next 17 years, a number of additional brands were acquired and brought into its growing family, including Neotronics Technology, acquired in 1996.

In addition to the range of industrial and commercial gas detectors, the company was able to move into the residential and consumer sector with the advent of its first Carbon Monoxide detector in 2000.

In 2005 market leader Honeywell acquired Zellweger Analytics to join its Life Safety Division and the company was renamed Honeywell Analytics.  Today, Honeywell Analytics has offices all over the world and sells its products globally to all types of industries and applications.  Thanks to its unique understanding of customer needs and constant commitment to developing new technologies, Honeywell Analytics remains a global leader in gas detection and a name that is synonymous with the highest standards of product, service and innovation.

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