ezsense Portable Flammable Gas Detector 

Pen shaped detector ideal for the detection of hazards from pipes, fittings, valves and hot water heaters etc.

ezsense is the most convenient way to detect natural gas, propane, butane, LPG and LNG. It is compact and light on the pocket in more ways than one.

ezsense utilises a catalytic bead sensor which requires absolutely no calibration to individual gases or fuel types - simply point and click!

It is suitable for identifying the source of leaks in pipes, fittings, valves, gas storage tank/cylinders and hot water heaters.

This product is also an opportunity to quickly inform your customers as to the source and size of a leak and undoubtedly provide some peace of mind at the same time.

Ez to use
Simply check the suspected area by pointing  ezsense close to the source. If gas is present the alarm will sound and the yellow LED or the red LED will light up according to the concentration of gas. It couldn’t be simpler.

Ez to test
ezsense can be tested quickly and easily by releasing a small amount of gas (butane) in a well ventilated area. The alarm should sound and the yellow or red LED light will come on.

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01 Dec 09 Ezsense Datasheet English EMEAI Datasheet 389 kb
13 May 10 Technical Service and Support Brochure English EMEAI 3,556 kb
17 Mar 11 Industry Overview Automotive English EMEAI Industry Overview 2,620 kb
02 Dec 13 Product Overview English EMEAI Product Overview 953 kb
09 Sep 13 ezsense EC Declaration of Conformity EC Declaration 255 kb
20 Dec 13 GasDetector Newsletter Winter 2013 GasDetector Newsletter 4,538 kb
03 Jan 14 The Gas Book English EMEAI Gas Book 12,616 kb

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27 Oct 09 Ezsense Operation Manual English EMEAI Manual / Supplement 253 kb
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